Play With Fire

I recently finished a book that spoke on the theme of fire. Realistically, life brings fires and unfortunately, things do burn. What I loved about this book was how it talked about changing your approach to the flames.

Flames can refine or destroy the choice is up to you.

When we choose to allow the flames of life to refine us, we come out conquerors of tribulation.

When we allow the flames to swallow us whole; we become subjected to the ash that is left.

As children, we were told to fear fire; we were conditioned to fear the heat and move away from the danger. I propose that we all learn to play with the flames of life. If we can learn to master the art of refinement, we become champions. If nothing can take you down, you have no choice but to keep moving up.

Success is less about avoiding the fires and more about learning to keep walking through the flames.

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