How To Crush Your Sick Day

I managed to survive cold and flu season unscathed, however, have been knocked down hard as spring rounds the corner.

I have recently had to take a handful of sick days. During this time I accumulated a list of pro tips to help you crush your sick day.

Let’s start with a little tip I like to call, prepare yourself for success.

We all know success isn’t an overnight happening. It starts by being faithful in the small activities. Choosing to cultivate the fruit season after season. Sick day success starts the same way, by cultivating the little things. End your day by getting ready for the next; set out your clothes, pick a few things up, gather anything you need for work. You sleep so much more soundly when you aren’t worried about having enough time to get ready in the morning.

This next tip I call, you can always be doing something.

We have 24 hours every day. We spend that time sleeping, eating, talking, using our phones, cooking, cleaning, reading, etc.. If you are taking a sick day, spend just a fraction of that rest time to do something that makes you think. Read or ask a big question; ponder something impossible if you must but keep your brain fit.

Lastly, give yourself grace.

I am a human. (Go ahead, read that again and say it aloud.) Now, repeat after me, I am not invincible. I am not a superhero. Sadly, those are all true statements. We as human are subject to the occasional aliment. Hear me, when I say it’s ok to lay on the couch, watch movies and try not to puke. I’m right there with you, but if you find yourself feeling better after a movie or two, don’t be afraid to find success in the few remaining hours.

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