Who Are You Surrounded By?

I’ve recently realized that a large portion of the people that I’m surrounded by aren’t people that I really enjoy. It makes me dread things that I used to love.

The culture has shifted in my life. I am moving into a new season. I’m moving into a season accompanied by Inbox 0 and Just 25 Pages A Day.(I’ve been holding strong to Inbox 0 since the beginning of the month!)

This new season is coming and 90% of the people that I’m surrounded by just don’t understand. They are living a life encapsulated by fear. They are living in anxiety and hopelessness.

These aren’t the people I want speaking into my life. But – these people are my bosses and the leadership I am currently sitting under. Lately, it’s been a struggle to submit to their one-sided perspectives while maintaining my identity as an individual.

While this situation is less than ideal, thinking about my next season brings me both hope and excitement. I am ready to be primed for excellence. Now the hard work starts, choosing excellence day in and day out.

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