The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

Metaphorically raise your hand if you have ever felt like something in the world was overly complicated. (I’m confident you all just metaphorically raised your hand.)

To me, so much of modern day society is overly complicated. I feel like in an attempt to simplify things; we have only brought more steps, processes, and resources to the table. Don’t get me wrong, content is important! We, however, have taken it to the extreme in some cases, creating so many extra stipulations for things it’s become absolutely ridiculous.

A few months ago I was having a conversation with a family friend about how different places handle historical monuments. She pointed out to me that so many other countries give pretty much full access to an education site. Examples include The Great Wall of China, The Stonehenge, different European castles, they are all open to the public. There is maybe a plaque or sign characterizing it, but then you are given the freedom to go and encounter it yourself.

America, on the flipside, tends to have an educational experience and gate it off. In America, I would consider these to be The Liberty Bell and all the Museums’ in any major city, from Pittsburgh to D.C. They are all dedicated to an educational experience we aren’t allowed to participate in. Our perspective is then shaped by the tiny part we were allowed to connect with and what other people portray to us about it.

I told you this story because it provides a great analogy to a thought that has been ever present. Lately, I’m experiencing this same you can’t touch it mentality with anything spiritual. When we talk about religion, it’s becoming clear that religion is America.

Speaking from a theist perspective, my beliefs good a few steps further to recognize that Jesus came to Earth. He ate, drank, and lived in community with the people of the time. He broke every social rule to instruct us how to live. Jesus is the rest of the world.

He points us to something amazing and instructs us on how to wield it. Subsequently, He sets us free to explore it and perceive it for ourselves.

My desire is to move away from religion and step into a more Jesus oriented perspective. I want to experience life as a broad concept, with the freedom to develop my own ideas and opinions.

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