Just Shovel Some Snow

Yesterday, was the first day of Spring. Today I woke up to 6 inches of snow covering the world. Pennsylvania, can we work on correcting this?!?

However – after the day I had yesterday it was nice to have the mindless task of shoveling the driveway. Out in the cold, with no one to bug me or make me talk. The deserted world wrapped in a blanket.

I’ve always admired the way the snow could so blissfully fall and yet demand that everyone just deal with it. Over the years it’s inspired me to lead less aggressively. It’s taught me that you don’t always have to be harsh to make everyone succumb to the world you hope to see.

The snow has given me an appreciation for the cold, crisp air. It’s allowed me to love the world when it goes white. A transformed world, that has a fresh start. As I watch it snow, I’m reminded that we can’t ever change without covering/removing the old.

I guess this week it’s snowing in my life – so here’s to a transformed world.

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