Bedtime Stories

Is it just me, or is the Disney movie Bedtime Stories just the best! It’s the perfect mixture of action, adventure, romance, comedy, and getting crap done.

Today, I watched it with two little girls. They aren’t my ideal movie watching partners, but it wasn’t a terrible time.

What really caught my attention today was the dynamic of Skeeter’s character. He’s the handyman, known for getting things done. He fixes odd problems around the hotel and helps manage a lot of the customer relations just because he is good with people.

While Skeeter should have always been at the top of the foodchain, he was for so many years stuck at the bottom. During an unlikely run-in with the big boss, he is given a chance to touch greatness.

At first, he attempts to go grand. He tries to match his competition. Through some event’s that follow he quickly learns that his biggest asset is just being him.

To me, this story is less about learning how to be yourself and more about the importance of how you manage your act when you think no one is watching.

See, the big boss knew he could trust Skeeter because he had built a reputation for being reliable. He has no doubts that Skeeter would manage his hotel with his whole heart because that’s how he handled any task. Skeeter poured himself whole-heartedly into whatever was needed that may have included anything from changing light bulbs to watching his sister’s kids and even attending to the nitty-gritty details of customer service.

So, what’s the lesson? Take time to create a reputation of reliability and let it do all the talking. You just keep on hustling.

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