It’s Okay To Drop Your Routine For A Day

Today was the first Thursday in 32 weeks that hasn’t started at 5 am. Today, I took as much of a sick day as someone like me can. I called off to guard, I moved some intern hours, and I slept in until about 9. I very slowly started the day. Around 10:30 I finally made it downstairs to eat breakfast and take my antibiotics.

After that, it was a mix of relaxing and keeping up with the grind. Which consisted of answering some emails, applying some feedback I received, and getting new things done.

This Thursday was nothing like an average Thursday. It was calm, relaxing, and easy going. It was hard to think about actually taking the day off. Last night, as the simple thought of “Thursday” was sending me into tears it became clear I was in need of a changeup.

Today, I learned that not every day has to be filled with hustle. Sometimes, the best way we can hustle is through self-care. So while I can’t take every Thursday off, maybe I’ll find another day to take off. Or maybe, I’ll just stop scheduling my week so full. Here’s to another day off, in the near future!

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