Maybe, Tomorrow

Maybe, tomorrow I’ll start that book or finish my bio. Maybe, tomorrow I’ll begin building a network or exploring my creativity.

Words hold power over our minds. So when we are allowing our minds, the control center of our lives to listen to nasty words, nasty actions will result. If you want to sow a seed of success in your life, learning to take action with giving lies a place to take root is critical. The ability to start today before you have time to form a lie about it is, in my opinion, the best thing you can do.

From my experience, when I put something off I form expectations, scenarios, and hopes about something that could be totally unrelated. When I learned to stop putting starting new things off until tomorrow it was like my Claritin Clear moment. The fog was lifted. I was able to live and enjoy it without being encapsulated by the world my mind had created.

So in short, when we let a “maybe, tomorrow” thought into our lives we are shutting the door of our success. The only way to combat that is to just start today. Go ahead, take a step in the direction of your dreams. (I dare ya!)

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