It’s All About How You Play Your Cards

Sometimes you have a day where the stars align and everything is absolutely perfect. On a realistic note, an average day is composed of minor ups and downs. Yet, some days, the highlight of your day is having an allergic reaction to the prescription/cough medicine that was supposed to make you feel better.

When those terrible “some days” arrive, we have to remember what the end goal is. In the middle of a “some day,” it can feel like everyone else is killing this game of life. That doesn’t really mean you are far behind though, you are just holding a bad hand of cards. Here’s the thing about bad cards the longer you hold them, the worse they get.

Your only option is to play them. So do it, own it. Take a sick day and sleep in, break your routine, or change it up. Just remember that Rome wasn’t built or destroyed in one single day. Wanna know the best part? The same is true for your dreams!

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