Dreams + Goals = Crushed It.

Dream big dreams. Set big goals. Crush said goals.

Without goals we go no where in life. So here are my favorite things to assess if I’m setting realistic goals.

1) They scare you.

A good goal isn’t going to be easily achievable. To truly get the satisfaction you’re looking for; it’s gonna have to be exquisite.

2) They excite you.

If your goal is only scaring you, you likely won’t enjoy pursuing it. The best goals are both exciting and terrifying at the same time.

3) They challenge you.

Without resistance how would we ever expect to get better? If we never encountered a goal that challenged us, we probably need to address the root of complacency that is the problem.

4) They motivate you.

Motivation is a hard topic. Learning how to pursue something before it really motivates you is amazing. However, for starters, picking a goal that already motivates you is a much easier way to ensure that you will crush it.

5) They make you want to do it again.

Meeting the best goals often come with long stories of late nights and lots of coffee. However, the satisfaction you feel after having accomplished it is a new kinda drug. You’re already onto the next thing before someone can ask what you’re going to do with your new found spare time.

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