Days 22-28

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Putting Big Ideas To Use pt 4.

Module 4 Week 4 recap. The home stretch. We chat a little more about culture but a lot more about creativity as a whole. Check it out! You can read Breaking Smart too!

Days 15-21

Day 15) This week started with a last minute shoot with a good friend. Stephen was a blast; we ended up laughing and chatting more than we shoot, but that’s ok! Day 16) I couldn’t choose. pt. 1 — Abby and Sadie! I’ve been able to watch these girls grow up for almost 3 years;…

One Step At A Time

As my days in New Castle are numbered it feels like I have 700 things to finish up! Today, I took on a to-do list much bigger than I could have ever accomplished. The bottom line, I didn’t let it’s size scare me. I got a LOT of it done. I primed myself for a…

Just Do Something

Recently, I have become acquainted with a concept that has changed my entire schedule. This concept isn’t hard, but it does require some intentionality. It’s called, No Zero Days. When you take a “zero” day, you aren’t using your time as an asset. You allow the calendar to dictate your success. The goal of no…