What Praxis Taught Me

I was always told I would love college. Every single part of it. Well, maybe not the tuition, I mean who really loves that? But, I would love the classes, the community, the experiences…

But no matter how much I wanted to like the thought of college; something about it always seemed off. The concept of college felt like someone was choking me.

So, when a family friend introduced me to Praxis, suddenly I could breathe. I found my oasis in the desert, the peanut to my butter, (and all those other cheesy sayings) I found structured freedom.

Praxis gave me the freedom to learn about things that interested me with accountability to complete projects that showcased what I learned. In just over a year I’ve built a website, blogged for over 200 days, taken over 200 Instagram photos, I learned how to maximize SEO, I learned how to make cold calls, I learned how to use google analytics, I learned how to apartment hunt and move to a new city, I made new friends, I spent way more than 25 minutes pondering the social validity of the question “what’s up?”, and I kickstarted my career. (Oh and I even took 3 months off, imagine the participants who just go for it straight!)

So if you’re ready to do work that creates value, let’s talk. I’d love to tell you about the in’s and out’s of my Praxis experience!

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