Lessons Learned By Fyre Fraud

Fyre Fraud is an interesting story of a huge fraud scheme that was created out of the concept of FOMO.

However, while I have a lot of opinions about the concept of the Fyre Festival, I’m going to stick with a few business points that stood out to me.

1) The Power of Social Media is often untapped.

We all use social media every day, but are we creating content that stops the scrolling? Are we creating content that inspires people to share it? Are we controlling the conversation?

2) Influencers name the game.

If you aren’t an influencer, you have to find a way to leverage the people who are excited about the mission and brand you have created.

3) You can go from 0 to trending if you play your cards right.

While we can’t all be trending at the same time, it’s possible for us to have a moment in the sun if we are able to brand ourselves correctly.

Overall, I’m in shock over how easy it is for the media to promote events that spark interest.

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