Think Like A Freak

Reading a critical source in life. It can bring us joy, sadness, hope, fear, and most of all information. Now I’m not saying that everything you read is the best source of information, but if you’re reading the right stuff, congrats! You’re getting awesome information.

I wanted to talk about one of my new favorite books, Think Like A Freak.

Yep, it’s got a great title. I mean, it’s so very counter-cultural. We all live our lives trying not to be a freak; here I am about to tell you why you should think like one!

Think like a freak is about problem-solving. It’s about learning how to break bigger problems down and find the root problems within. It’s figuring out that the answer or solution to the problems is further back than you would have guessed, but it’s not out of reach if you try hard enough.

Thinking like a freak is understanding that most of the time our brain will give up before they reframe the problem.

Have no fear, the main premise of Think Like A Freak is teaching how to reframe problems. So here’s to a year of bigger, better, and more developed thinking.

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