We All Need Our Dad Sometimes

Dad’s are great. Amiright?

(now, all the mom’s reading this, hold on. I have a mom appreciation post coming out tomorrow.)

I don’t know about you but I call my dad for anything, and basically everything.

“Dad, how do I fix, x-y-z?”

“Dad, where do I buy a router?”

“Dad, where do I set up my new phone?”

“Dad, how do I get a whole 4 foot by 8-foot whiteboard home from Lowes?”

You know what, he has never once disappointed me. Even if he doesn’t know what the right answer is, he makes one up.

I mean, who else would I ask all these random questions to? Who else would support my crazy desire to have a 32sqft whiteboard in my 406 sqft apartment?

For me, my dad has always been down to support my crazy antics. The best part is that some of my very best friends all have fantastic relationships with their dads. So we have had many conversations that have gone “man, I love your dad,” “me too!”

Bottom line: my dad is one of my favorite humans and I wouldn’t make it through life without him.

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