Not A Thanksgiving Post

For those of you that haven’t been able to spend time with me in the past year, you will probably have a much harder time with this concept that anyone that actually knows me.

However, if you know me; you know that I hate committing to plans.

This seems really strange because my love language is quality time, so naturally making plans to spend with people would be fulfilling, right?

In theory yes, in reality; maybe no…

I’m well aware of how bold I come off when I give people my answer as to why I don’t like making plans. My firm conviction is that establishing detailed formal plans limits your creativity.

Now, before you write me off, hear me out.

When you make formal plans you most often become “married” to them. You want to see them come into fruition; when they don’t you are filled with disappointment and sadness.

When you’re spontaneous you stretch the limits of what you think is possible. You often want to squeeze more into a short amount of time, you live in the moment because you know it’s not going to last. You walk lighter, not worried about what’s coming next or where you need to be.

For me, I really love the adventures that happen when you practice spontaneity. Some of the best memories I’ve ever made have been made in a somewhat unconstructed and incredibly spontaneous manner.

I mean, when I operate spur of the moment I do things like graduating early, going to the Philippines, and moving to Chicago. On a smaller scale, I go black Friday shopping with amazing friends, I bond with my siblings over unique experiences, I act like a goofball in public because why not? YOLO, right?

I radiant joy in the midst of spontaneity. So – if you ever want to see me come alive, shoot me a text and let’s make something happen within the hour.

Until then, I’ll be living vivaciously and you can watch all these wonderful adventures play out on my Instagram. 🙂

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