5 Weeks At A Startup

This week was a few things.

1) It was a short week.

With Thanksgiving, we crammed a lot of work into a few brief days! Nothing is quite as satisfying as accomplish 14 to-dos in one day! Amiright?

2) It was a week of data analysis.

We are almost done with the first wave of the corporate sales cycle. That being said, we crunched the numbers to find the not so pretty truth that we have lots of room for improvement.

3) It was a week of planning.

The rest of the year is so strange with holidays and business days, we took time to not only plan out our calendar. BUT also plan out how we are going to step up our game based on the data we analyzed.

4) It was a week of stepping into new business roles!

One of the things I really love about working for a startup is that there is always room to take on new tasks that aren’t at all related to your job. This week I was able to talk strategy with one of the Co-Founders regarding the ALV blog. We also decided that I would be a good fit in helping with the process.

5) Lastly, it was a week of reassessing goals.

As we analyzed data and planned for the weeks to come, we realized that our goals were actually way too small. We had to up our game to see the results we’re looking for. That being said, there’s nothing like driving up your goals and feeling like you’re about to crush it. OR – you’re going fail fast and learn how to crush it. Either way – both are super invigorating.

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