Have A Hidden Passion

We all have a hidden passion. Each and every one of us.

These hidden passions are what fuel us; they make up come alive.

We keep them trapped inside and buried down deep where only a few chosen people get to see them. We water them on occasion and hope that they grow, without ever putting in the effort needed to watch them thrive.

I propose we start watering our passions. Give them sunlight and let them grow. We won’t ever find the life we are looking for without taking a few steps to create it.

So to do that, here are a few suggestions on how to let your passions grow.

1) Commit to the activity once a month.

It feels small, but you have to start somewhere. Take time once a month and dedicate 1-2 hours to that passion. Allow yourself to soak in the enjoyment and savor the experience.

2) Set goals to help you grow.

Without physically writing down your vision it won’t come into fruition. Write it down and locate that paper someplace that you look at daily.

3) Get accountable.

Find someone that also wants to see you bring your hidden passion to life. Allow them to ask you hard questions and give you constructive feedback. The most beautiful rose bushes must first be pruned.

4) Don’t be afraid to be successful.

Often times when we transition something from the dark to the light it’s challenging to imagine it ever becoming a success. However, just like with summer, we get a good burn in and then we tan out.

Overall, I think we should all embrace our passions because they help us enjoy life a little more every day. So, what are you waiting for, go live into your passions!

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