Sticky Note Gratitude

It’s no surprise that today everyone is talking about gratitude. It’s the first day of November. This month, gratitude is on everyone’s radar.

After all, most people are trying to find something to be grateful for when their great-aunt asks them at Thanksgiving.

However, I want to propose a new way to think about gratitude.

A practice of gratitude that happens so regularly that you don’t even think about it.

A gratitude movement that starts small but it captivates. Gratitude that doesn’t conform to society but can stand alone.

This kind of gratitude comes from actively being grateful. People cultures change when everyone says “thank-you.”

I challenge you to take a step in the way that you show gratitude. This month, I choose to take my gratitude practice and expose it. My building is full of people that keep to themselves. Here’s the thing, every single one of those people may never even speak to me, but I want them to know, I love my life.

So this year, starting today, I’m posting sticky notes of things I’m grateful for on my door. I’m leaving sticky notes outside for other people to partake too.

The bigger challenge comes with spreading gratitude. If you choose to join me this month, take a picture of what you’re grateful for, post it to Instagram and hashtag it #stickynotegratitude.

What are you waiting for?! Go stick those notes of gratitude up like a garage sale poster!

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