The Power Of Your Limitations

How many “no’s” can you take before it breaks you? How many people can judge your decision before you stop making them? How often do you find yourself going with the flow because it’s too hard to break away from the crowd?

Without the power to shut down those useless thoughts; you won’t ever become bigger than your limitations.

Your box will always start where everyone’s opinions end. If you lack the ability to sort through good advice and bad advice, you will never win the war.

Now, don’t hear what I’m not saying, you can win the battle. You can win lots of battles, but you won’t ever win the war.

To truly chase down your dreams, you have to climb out of your box. You have to break down the walls of your limitations and grow through trial.

Once you start learning to master your limitations, you begin growing. Growth is the way to discover greatness. Only through hardship can we taste success.

If we never learn to grow, we can kiss our dreams goodbye. The easiest way to grow is to start stepping out of your comfort zone a little bit every day. Start a 30-day challenge of some sort. The only condition is that you get accountability. Find someone or a few someones that will hold you to completing those 30-days.

After all, why stop at 30 days? If leaders are learners, why would you ever stop learning?

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