Be Still My Heart.

Photo Cred: Michael Daugherty

Today, my heart stopped. I realized that being the oldest in a big family has its perks. I get to be the fun big sister, interviewing potential significant others, treating you to ice cream before dinner, and taking you to do things mom and dad would never let you do! But, in the midst of that, it seems that the world just keeps moving.

Time never seems to stop. Over the past few days, I’ve watched the “littles” become little men. They are now helpful, funny, and (my personal favorite) witty. These boys that I can so vividly recall tucking in and reading bedtime stories too are now grown up. There is a new round of little people to take care of, and they have stepped up to the plate. Fetching pacifiers, blankets, and sippy cups; they are becoming some of the greatest little people.

What I’m learning to appreciate in life is the value of the present. I’ve noticed a pattern of life, where we live trapped in the past or caught up in the future. I propose a new way to enjoy life. A way to enjoy a fuller life. This life requires us to break away from what’s comfortable. We have to choose to be present.

We have to create moments for our hearts to be still. Then we have to hold on to them throughout all the years. This photo was taken recently; it’s hard to believe my little man is going to be 7 in a few months. You’re growing up good, kid.

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