Take Time To Celebrate Others

Recently, I’ve been battling a nasty respiratory infection; because of that, I’ve been able to accomplish less and less in my personal life.

One thing that I have been able to accomplish in the middle of my current work/nap lifestyle is celebrating others.

If anything my ability to celebrate others over the past few weeks has exponentially grown. Turns out when you are solely focused on getting better you aren’t distracted by your own accomplishments. This gives you so much more time to observe and appreciate what others are doing.

If you are like me, time is a very hot commodity in your life. I get it, we are busy people. We are steadily being pulled in about 500 different directions simultaneously. It happens.

What I want to challenge you with is the thought of social capital. The more intentional I become about celebrating other people’s wins, the more I’m depositing into my social bank. Not only does it make me seem like a much better person in their eyes, but when they talk about me, that favor will show through.

I’m aware that celebrating others can be hard, but here’s the thing. It’s not as hard as it seems. It’s as simple as shooting someone a “how did it go” text. We live in a world that underrates the little things. What a sad, desolate world.

Let’s face it – we all want to be around people that celebrate our wins and mourn our losses. The better we become at seeing what other people have going on. The richer our lives become.

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