Do Something That Matters

Every day we are given the choice to do something productive, something that matters. Or we can waste our time just chilling out.

In the midst of being sick – I am learning how to take a sick day, but still do something/anything/just one thing that matters.

When we confront the concept of doing something that matters we first need to define what matters. While this will change from person to person, overall that most people care about is success. Success then becomes something that matters.

After we have defined what matters, you can begin to set up a plan that gets you one step closer every day. This plan can look like daily blogging, daily photography, daily design, or even daily reading. While it doesn’t even have to include one of those it can also look like a combination of all of them.

Overall, at the end of the day, if you want to find success, you have to commit to it day in and day out. So, get out there and do something that matters!

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