Movers, Shakers, and Culture Makers…

I’ve been reading “Every Tool’s A Hammer” by Adam Savage and I love the way he talks about creators.

He so boldly declares that the magic of the creators is in making, shaping, and developing culture. Our power lies in being the change, starting the movements, knocking over the first domino.

As this year comes to a close we’re also closing out a decade. I’m reflecting on where this decade started and where it’s ending. Thinking about the list of things I have created, ideas that never went anywhere, and the lessons I’ve learned in the process. During this time of reflection, I’ve watched my own ideas and so many others spark innovation and collaboration. These ideas have journeyed from ideation to fruition through the beautiful and trying creative process.

Many of you reading this have walked an idea through this challenging and demanding journey has made something remarkable. So as I think about 2020 and the years that lie ahead, I’m dreaming big and I challenge you to do the same.

I’m thinking about my craziest idea and making it bigger. I’m making changes, creating movement, and kicking down the dominos in the weeks, months, and years to come. In 2020 I’m leaning into my identity and calling as a maker, what about you?

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