Week 19 at a Startup

What I’m Learning:

– One cool thing I learned at work last week:

I learned a lot about how to follow up with networking to build friendships, not connections. My personal goal is to get coffee with 5 people in my “business world” this month to build a friendship and not just have a linkedin connection!

– One cool thing I learned outside of work last week:

I confirmed that I am in fact a negative splitter. I went on a 6-mile run while training for my marathon and after mile 2 the times just kept dropping.

What I’m Creating:

– One example of how I created value at work last week:

I solved a lot of problems and took a lot of little tasks off the plates of 2 of the co-founders. I scanned tax papers, I made edits to graphics, I found instagram content, I took the trash out, I built the stand for the whiteboard, I played a lot of support this week. I really loved it!

– What project I’m currently working on at my BP:

Part of me wishes there was an export feature on my Wunderlist.

ALV is cooking up some major projects that I’m working so I can’t squeal too much, but let’s just say I’m really excited to be apart of them!

Today I shot company stock photos for the blog! I’m really happy with the way some of them turned out. Since we want them to be ALV specific I watermarked these ones, but you can follow the ALV Blog and start seeing the unwatermarked versions appear soon!

– What I’m doing to become a better version of myself overall:

This week I listened to 2 audiobooks and read “Hyperbole and a half” by Allie Brosh! It was a nice fun read to break up some of the intense reading I’ve been doing.

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