Confronting Fears

Today, I was confronted with one of my biggest fears. I dropped the ball on a follow-up.

If you don’t know me, follow-up is what I do. I bug people until they quite literally tell me to go away.

Five months ago I was terrified of interviews. The word interview made me a nervous ball of tension. (True story, ask Hannah Frankman.)

After a handful of interview prep sessions with a lot of people; I reached out to T.K. Coleman asking for a 1 on 1. T.K. was unavailable, so instead, he set up a 1 on 1 for me with Johnny.

After a single 1 on 1 with Johnny, my entire thought process about interviews shifted. I felt confident and excited. The questions no longer terrified me, they energized me!

After the session, I sent Johnny an email thanking him for his time.

After the interview, I sent him an email telling him how I thought I did and letting him know I would follow up when I heard back.

I never heard back.

I did, however, get an interview (which I nailed – thanks to Johnny) and a job offer with another company. Before I realized it; I was moving to Chicago to be a part of the Ama La Vida team.

Tonight, it was brought to my attention that I never did follow up with Johnny to tell him where I ended up working. He found out from someone else.

The moral of the story: even the best drop the ball, but when you have taken time to build lots of social capital, it’s not detrimental.

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