15 Weeks At A Startup

What I’m Learning:

One cool thing I learned at work last week:

– This week due to the Polar Vortex and the subarctic temps in Chicago we pretty much worked the whole week from home. I learned a lot about how to stay focused when I’m working and how to unplug at night.

One cool thing I learned outside of work last week:

– The temperature can, in fact, feel like -50. I also had the realization that even when it warms up 80 degrees it’s still cold enough for water to freeze. Just think about that.

What I’m Creating:

One example of how I created value at work last week:

– I think I have become the unofficial problem solver. From removed unsubscribe requests from the mailing list to solving random website inconveniences, creating Instagram story content, and staying on top of keeping up with potential clients.

What project I’m currently working on at my BP:

– I feel like I’m in the same space as last week. The project lists are ongoing.
That said the health and wellness page has been live and all the tweaks have been made. I’m excited to see it *hopefully* start ranking on SEO.

The some of my other projects are building out the guest blogging calendar, updating press sliders, maximizing SEO on a few web pages, and building out twitter content.

What I’m doing to become a better version of myself overall:

– I’ve been editing more videos from the Women In Tech events I attend. I’ll post them below.

Here is November’s.

Here is January’s.

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