Days 253 – 259

Day 253

it’s something about a good brick wall…


Day 254

I think they call this modern art?.


Day 255

random street photography is dope.


Day 256

*bout to get all life updatey!*
As many of you know I’ve been doing this photography thing for a while now. I finally have business cards made for all my favorite clients to pass out/throw around!! If we had a fall session this past year I’ll be mailing you a handful to hang on your fridge, or do whatever with, the choice is yours!🙃 If we didn’t have a fall session but you are interested in getting a few DM your address.
PA: have no fear I will travel for you 😉
Chicago: Mini Session Jan 26th location & times TBD! *


Day 257



Day 258

winter art


Day 259

local artists 🔥 just casually painting in millennial part🤷🏻‍♀️

chicago sights

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