Be An Idea Machine

The best part about dreaming big is that you come up with lots of ideas.

When you are dreaming big you naturally think of about 700 ways to get yourself from point A to point B. All of those thoughts are ideas. When you weed through them, some of them are a lot better than others; but you can develop the half decent ones into something worth pursuing.

My favorite part of dreaming big is being able to present new and different ideas to the people I’m around.

Sometimes they are feasible, like let’s have an Instagram giveaway. Sometimes, they aren’t as feasible; but they are good things to have on our radar as we grow and can take on bigger projects.

For now, I think I’m gonna keep whiteboarding everything and refining it until it’s worthwhile; who knows, maybe I’ll be the next Steve Jobs.

Until then, tell me your big ideas.

Here are a few of mine.

– I want to facilitate a creative writing class in Chicago.
– I want to support local art through an open mic kinda showcase.
– I want to create a community of people who want to love each other well.
– I want to challenge others to think of things that may make them uncomfortable.
– I want to become an agent of change in my local community.

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