7 Weeks At A Startup

Almost 2 months ago I started at Ama La Vida! How crazy is that?

This week was big guys.

We decided to randomly change up some things that haven’t been working and have already seen the influence that it had.

This week was the first time we hit some of our goals since I stepped onto the team. While my boss, Foram, and I have joint Corporate Sales goals, I have a few personal ones.

This week I met my personal goals.

So you’re probably wondering what I’ve learned. Let me give you my top three take aways so far.

1) They don’t care.

The people I’m cold calling, emailing, or reaching out in some way don’t care who I am until I can give them a reason to care. So yeah, it’s ok to send another email, to call them back when the last call didn’t go super well or drop another article to them letting them know you are still interested in having a meeting. Chances are they don’t even remember their last interaction with you and will be very open to having another.

2) It’s a numbers game.

Last round by email two I had scheduled 1 meeting. This round by email 2 we had quadrupled our outreach so naturally; the number of emails quadrupled as well. Trying to do more business, up your numbers.

3) Practice makes as close to perfect as you can get.

When you leave almost 150 voicemails in a week, you get good at it. When you have almost the same conversations day in and day out, you get really good at navigating them. When you send the same “I’m so sorry, let me remove you from the list” emails in a steady stream, you learn how to master that aspect of customer success. The art of repetitive work is that you can hone in on it and start nailing it.

While I’ve learned so much more, I think this is a good big picture of what I’ve been learning. Here’s to what comes next week!

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