Inbox Zero

A couple months ago I decided to sort through the somewhat endless supply of emails in my inbox.

I read that inbox 0 not only helped you keep yourself more organized, but it is a big help when it comes to managing the number of emails you keep in general. Inbox 0 is just one part of the delete, shred, destroy mentality.

When you achieve inbox 0; the goal is that you now function in a way that gets rid of content you don’t need, organizes the content you do need, and helps remove the distraction of clutter.

Before this summer I had been a firm believer in inbox 0 for about three months. Once the middle of May came along, I was knee deep in a summer internship. My inbox very quickly went from 0 to over 100. I wish I could tell you that I kept up with the problem.

What was once an easy task, checking my email, became a daunting, stressful situation. For three months I had glimpsed the glory of a stress-free inbox!

All of the sudden I was back to square one. I was in over my head. The temporary fix quickly became just not checking my email. Not a terrible idea, but there would come a time when I had to start checking it again. As the number in the little red bubble on my Gmail app grew so did my desire to just forget about it.

Now that I’ve had a few days to unpack from this summer; I conquered my inbox.

I am finally back to inbox 0 and I’ve never been happier. This time, I’m making a conscious effort to keep at it because it’s worth the stress-free life that comes with it!

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