Find Your Fearlessness

A known fact about life is that your peers are a direct influence on your life. What I’ve noticed is most of us want to say they express a level of fearlessness. Some people I know even get it tattooed on their forearm. My question is, where do we actually find this fearlessness?

What actually brings this quality to the surface? Does fearlessness appear when we feel a certain way, or spend time with certain people, and what about engaging in certain activities?

My life this past year has been a journey of fearlessness. This journey started with a timid little soul. Following her as she walked a path to become a rebel with vision.

This mindset transition wasn’t an overnight experience. It is the direct result of a season spent in growth. This past season was captured through trips across the world, really terrible life situations, and my determination to avoid being average.

My proposal to you is that you find an environment where you can embrace some fearlessness. A place where you are safe to try new things because as we learn to face uncertainty with fearlessness, we become unstoppable. When you find this place, don’t ever let it go, instead dwell in it, as frequently as possible.

I’ve been given the privilege of being that place of fearlessness for a few young girls I’ve been babysitting. I’ve seen these girls learn how to rephrase their self-talk and turn around their negative trains of thought. These girls are now speaking into their lives that they are brave, strong, and smart.

Through this journey, I’ve seen these girls break out of their shells. They now go running and dancing in the sun! They found their fearlessness. But more importantly, they are learning to take the fearlessness they experience with me and bring that to the mundane.

These girls are inspiring me to take my “when no one is watching” fearlessness and bring that to every (metaphorical) table I encounter. So today starts a more developed and holistic journey to fearlessness, who’s with me?

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