My Top 3 Skills

Vision Creator

I am a visionary. I spend most of my days exploring possibilities for the world. I discover the potential in things most people just bypass. As I unearth this new territory, I begin crafting a picture of what it could become.

I thrive off creating something that holds value for people. I am committed to creating an inclusive culture, allowing other people to see and participate in my vision.

One example of this would be the time I moved a local small business into modern day marketing. This company was primarily using dated social media in an attempt to reach generations of all ages. By creating a company Instagram and nursing that baby from day one, they now have almost 500 followers. Along with a growing follower base, they are reaching a larger pool of customers.

Team Player

I am passionate about team unity. I will fake it till I make it all day long if it means my team is unified. My heart is for connecting people in a way that bonds them. I believe a great team is well rounded. When this is the case their work then becomes a direct reflection of their skills. The team now has the ability to devote more time to getting stuff done; because they are less focused on putting out fires between each other.

I create team unity because of having grown up in an atmosphere that could only operate if we all worked together. I am one of six kids! If we weren’t all (reasonably) getting along, helping out around the house, or helping each other out – nothing would have ever gotten done. Realistically, my mom didn’t have time to cater to every single one of every single one of our needs. She had to rely on us as a team to make sure everyone still had their heads attached.

A fun example of this would be from when I started coaching our local swim team. My kids were a rowdy group of 9 to 11 year-old-boys. These boys didn’t at all understand what it meant to be on a team. These boys were swimming over each other in an attempt to be first. I had to start being a better model of want it meant to be on a team for these sweet boys. I decided that I would start with teaching them how to celebrate other people’s differences. The following week at practice we took time each night to compliment someone else on something they did super well. As the boys began to see that they were each very good at something, they were okay letting other people be good at something else.


I communicate in a very straightforward way. My desire is to develop a relationship that allows me to know who you are, not what you do. My goal is to leave every conversation having learned something new about what makes you tick.

I foster this communication by removing the fluffy and small talk. I’m always learning how to ask better questions and how to listen with more intention. I value authenticity in communication and pride myself on bringing that to the table.

One way I have seen this play out is through my responsibilities managing the Backpack Program. I am in charge of communicating with the schools, the food bank, the movers, and the community to make each packing night a success. It starts by contacting the local schools to confirm numbers and select a packing date. I then communicate with the food bank to order the food and schedule a pickup. After that, I get in contact with the people who pick up the food for me. Lastly, I have to spread the word to the community so we have lots of people come to help us pack the bags!

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