Putting Big Ideas To Use pt 4.

Module 4 Week 4 recap. The home stretch. We chat a little more about culture but a lot more about creativity as a whole. Check it out! You can read Breaking Smart too!

Putting Big Ideas To Use pt. 3

Module 4 week 3 recap! Talking commerce, culture, and creativity. How has patronage, the market, and institutionalized support influenced the history of the world we know. Click here, to check it out.

Putting Big Ideas To Use pt.2

This month I’m jumping around getting things done before I head to Philly. That being said, here is my week 2 recap!

Putting Big Ideas To Use pt. 1

This past week, I started Module 4! This module is all about learning to put your big ideas to use through better thinking. This video unpacks week 1. What I learned, what I thought, what I am excited about, and how I’m going to start implementing those ideas! Click here to watch my week 1…