Do Something That Matters

I wouldn’t categorize myself as a millennial. However, by definition, I am a millennial. I am one of the last millennials and the start of the millennial workforce. I value doing work that matters. But how do we define what matters? What I’m passionate about probably isn’t what you’re passionate about. The ways I enjoy…

Sunday Haiku

Love became a verb. Redemption was tangible. Passion was pursued.

Day 225 – 231

Day 225 nuff said. Day 226 let me tell y’all how amazing this girl is, she’s filled with love, joy, hope, peace, patience, and laughter. she’s been such a blessing to me as I’ve found a new friend group is Chicago. Day 227 it’s beginning to look a lot like christmas. Day 228 life has…

7 Weeks At A Startup

Almost 2 months ago I started at Ama La Vida! How crazy is that? This week was big guys. We decided to randomly change up some things that haven’t been working and have already seen the influence that it had. This week was the first time we hit some of our goals since I stepped…

Internet Struggles Send Help

There once was a girl named Randi. Her internet was never handy. She only got mad. But never got sad. Her motto was just eat some candy.