Dreams + Goals = Crushed It.

Dream big dreams. Set big goals. Crush said goals. Without goals we go no where in life. So here are my favorite things to assess if I’m setting realistic goals. 1) They scare you. A good goal isn’t going to be easily achievable. To truly get the satisfaction you’re looking for; it’s gonna have to…

Sunday Haiku

It is that season. The holidays are coming. Savor the moments.

Days 204-210

Chicago, I think I’m sold. Day 204 sometimes all you need is your favorite green beanie & an adventurous spirit. even the 7 degree weather won’t stop me from exploring. Day 205 when we look a nature and identity something as thriving, isn’t it crazy to see how it doesn’t take away from the surrounding…

4 Weeks At A Startup

Today marked the conclusion of my 4th week at Ama La Vida. This week was big. – I booked my first intro meeting, with a few more on the horizon. – We found a way to maximize our time when it comes to managing the CRM allowed us to reach out to more potential clients….

Know Your People

Today I had a great conversation with my boss about how things have been going at work. We exchanged some feedback going both ways, things that she thought could be better, things I thought that could be doing better. As the conversation was coming to a close, she said something along the lines that she…